We are pleased to announce our new storefront. You can now order directly from our Land’s End Store and add the Equinology or Caninology logos to your apparel. There is a huge variety of clothing to choose from for your comfort and promotion!

Muscle Posters

We have five different posters of the muscle layers and views: Superficial, Middle, Deep, Cranial/Caudal, and Dorsal/Ventral muscle views.
They are beautifully printed with artwork by medical illustrator Celia Strain and come on a different paper stock to suit your budget: photo matte or premium luster finish.
Color artwork poster by medical illustrator and artist Celia Strain. The names of muscles are clearly labeled.

Equine Anatomy Learning App (EALA)

View, learn and quiz yourself!

  • Veterinary terminology and vocabulary
  • Directional terms
  • External landmarks and surface anatomy
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscles in detail

What’s included?

  • Built in individual muscle flash cards that can be adjusted to your learning and testing level for origin /insertion, function and/or innervation.
  • Beautiful artwork of muscles plates and bones to label
  • Illustrations and photographs followed by multiple choice answers and/or labeling
  • Audio pronunciation

The app supports the text: Anatomy of Equine Bodywork; The Equinology® Approach as well as the EQ50: Equine Anatomy Distance Study course. It is suitable for all students and practitioners interested in learning or reviewing the equine muscles and skeletal systems. It is great to be able to show clients what you are addressing during your sessions!

The app cost is 15.99USD. The price may vary in states other than CA in the USA when tax is collected directly by Apple and Google. They also do this with various countries.

Anatomy of Equine Bodywork – The Equinology® Approach

Equine Bodywork Techniques is THE Reference Book for Horse Professionals and Owners! Many books address anatomy, and many books discuss bodywork, but very few combine both of these topics at this level of fact and expertise. “Packed with illustrations and painted horse photographs to guide you through every step”

Equinology and Caninology Gift Cards

The perfect gift for the horse or dog enthusiast and professional. Onsite and online courses tailored for those just beginning their studies and individuals already in the animal health care industry.

Downloadable PDFs and Videos

The articles every horse and dog lover should have – A MUST HAVE!

Memorial Scholarships

Occasionally we do offer scholarships. Check here for the current offerings.

Australia Animal Bodywork Laws

Before registering for an Australia class or if you are an Australian resident intending to take a class and use the skills for a business, we request that you read the individual state animal bodywork law about the state in which you intend to work. You may reside in a state that does not allow any animal bodywork by laypersons but choose to work in a neighboring state which allows you to practice within the parameters of that state law.