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New South Wales

Lucy Brown, EEBW

Phone: 0428625325 10am - 4:30pm
I currently am working with local horses in massage and body work. Modalities include sports massage therapy, MFR, advanced soft tissue. I compete in eventing and the re-training of off the track thoroughbreds.

Sam Fawcett, EEBW

Phone: 0452466238
Servicing the Mid North Coast, Coffs Coast and Clarence Valley of NSW

Robyn Larson-Shelton, EEBW

Phone: 0431387787
Servicing South Coast NSW

Many years qualified


Kelly Crockford, EEBWII

Phone: 0427 044 934

Natasha Hayakawa, EEBW

Equine Hands Bodywork
Greater Melbourne and Macedon Ranges areas
Phone: 0434 779 770
Providing bodywork for horses of all disciplines, those on a rehabilitation journey or retired. Also offering Kinesio taping which can continue to help horses even after the bodywork session.

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South Australia

Carly Hannaford, EEBW, NKT

Phone: 0401333821 10am - 4:30pm M-F

Having previously worked within the human health industry, I began my career in equine manual therapy in 2008 as an Equinology student. I have continued professional development with Equinology courses in Australia along with a Bachelor of Equine Science, Neurokinetic Therapy and currently undertaking post graduate program in Animal Sports Therapies and Rehabilitation with the Academy of Animal Sports Science. I have ridden horses at amateur show jumping level in Australia and briefly worked in training yards in Europe and South Africa.

I am highly motivated by deepening and broadening my skill and knowledge base and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the learning and educational process.

Sophie Lowe, EEBW, NKT

Optimum Equine
Servicing Adelaide and Regional South Australia

Western Australia

Rachael Brown, EEBW

Rachael Brown Equine Sports Therapist

I started my Equinology journey whilst living in South Dakota in the USA and became certified in Western Australia when I returned home. It is because of my training, knowledge, certification and graduation with Equinology that I have been chosen to work with some of the some of the very best leaders and innovators within the equine industry. I am also an FEI Permitted Equine Therapist- FEI ID 10175289 and Independent Accredited Bit Fitter.

Mark Derrick, EEBW

Phone: (+61) 0401939820

In 1999 I flew from Australia to the USA to participate in the following Equinology courses. While I was there I also worked on some very interesting horses as part of the post course requirement.
Equinology course participant: USA courses August / September 1999
EQ100 - Certificate #1090
EQ103 - completed course , all participants received a letter of support from Barb Crabbe DVM.

Equinology course participant New South Wales, Australia 2005
EQ1100 Equine MFR - with Ruth Golladay-Mitchell

I have completed various units in the Swan TAFE Equine Management Certificate through the years.

I am also a Centered Riding Instructor Lvl 1.
Perth, Australia Jan 2012
Centered Riding Instructors course participant - conducted by Peggy Brown.
Regarding back issues, Centered Riding has helped in my own riding immensely, not only in my position but in the horses movement also.

I have worked with horses and owners from recreational riding to most of the Equestrian competition disciplines. It is truly rewarding when a owner sees and feels the benefits of Equine Sports Massage in their horse. I am particularly interested in how rider position affects the horses way of going and the resulting effects on the musculature of the horse.
My own riding interests are in dressage and jumping and I groomed for a friend for many years at local shows.
Due to back issues I have used physio led Pilates as a rehab system which has greatly aided my riding.


Samantha McGrath, EEBW

Kinetikos Equine Services
Phone: 0430 290 770
Offering: Integrated bodywork, Postural Training and lessons, Rehabilitation agistment and programs, Clipping and Hot Cloth services
Located in NW Tasmania and can travel

Northern Territory
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Australian Capital Territory
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